15 July, 2008

Oh buerto!

Wow, I am really behind on this blogging stuff. Life has been moving really quickly and been really stressful. Let's do a quick rundown.

The car, the Honda CR-V...remember that whole episode? Well the car was at 175k miles and I tucked in a brand new radiator, thermostat and spark plugs along with a full set of new tires and re-listed it for $4600. It just had to sell at this price because we started at $5900 and slowly came down. The low value on it was $5500-$6000 so surely someone would want it for $4600. Well no. Not exactly. We just let it go for $4000 on Monday night. The guy was hard nosed, but he was willing to accept the fact the car wasn't perfect and that was good enough for us. We just wanted it gone.

Next, we are moving. Yes again. This time to Springville. Yeah, I know, it sucks cause there's nothing in Springville and its no where near anything of any relevance or importance. But yes, Springville will be home and it will be a good home. Rented 2 blocks east of the main drag, the new place sports detatched garage shared with the lady living in the basement apt., wood floors throughout, mud room with W/D hookups, large front room, 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. Best of all, a quiet neighborhood, a front porch and a yard for the dogs. It will be good. The move...not so much. This is either the 7th or 8th move for us, so we have it down to a science, but it still blows beyond description.

Next, we are planning out trip to Oregon. We're going up on the 23rd for a few days with friends. Actually, this is good news. The planning is strategically frustrating, but the event as a whole will be therapeutic. So I guess I can't complain.

That's it for now.