01 July, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I just discovered something so beautiful here as I laid in bed, I had to blog about it via my phone. I discover something small, insignifican and beautiful...I discovered my can was more than half full. No,no not in the Platonian sense of half full or half empty, but actually full. I usually crack a can of pop to nurse as I begin the stages of preparing for bed, but tonight was a rare "shower" night. I only bath a few times a week and tonight was one of those nights. I forgot about my pop. Completely. I didn't nurse it, nay, I didn't even sip it. Then, as I laid here watching Amy Winehouse croon over the whine of my house fan, I fumble for some night-stand chapstik and came across an icy can of knock off diet sprite instead. Oh joy! What a surpise and a pleasure! It was that flood of joyful release like remembering that you DID indeed lock the door and turn off the oven and your flat iron when you left. Relief, refreshment, Amy Winehouse and a whiney house fan; now that's my idea of an ideal evening.