19 July, 2008

The Dark Knight=Masterpiece

When your kids are 18, you'll be watching this movie on Masterpiece Theatre, or on American Movie Classics, or Turner Classic Movies. The Dark Knight is INCREDIBLE.
I wanted so badly to prove to myself that the hype was wrong, and in fact Heath Ledger did not deserve an Academy Award. I wanted so badly to be the only one who saw the predictions of post humus award presentations as the rigged gift that they were surely to be. I wanted everyone to see, as I did, that Heath was going to receive an Oscar out of respect for a life lost. But I was wrong. He is a master of his craft and I am humbled.
This is not your older brother's comic book movie. Danny Devito will not waddle out and Jim Carry will riddle you with nothing. This is a masterpiece of story and its artful presentation. Every character in this movie NAILED it, knitting together an afghan of awesomeness. I am not exaggerating and I am not stupid; this movie is one for the records.
The plot was thick and consistent. The characters pulled you out of the theatre and right onto the screen. The special effects were perfection, leaving the excess on the cutting room floor. Absolutely amazing. This movie was woven to perfection. I highly recommend it.
Oh, and Heath? He deserves every award he'll get...and most that he won't.

What a way to go out.