01 July, 2008


...anyway, the point is, I got new sunglasses. I got me a pair of matte black, polarized Hoven Ritzs. They are pretty sick and extremely comfortable. I hope their ginormous size minimizes the actual size of my huge melon of a head.
Thanks honey (my wife) for getting me them for my birthday. And thanks to Kelly Dearth for the "old friends" hook up on them.
Funny story, when I went to pick them up, Kelly wasn't there so I just picked them up from some guy that was working there. I was trying to tell him to express my thanks to Kelly next time he saw her but somehow I blurted out the name Kelly Durden. As we walked away, I realized my mistake.
"I always want to call her by her maiden name," I told my wife. Then I realized Kelly's maiden name is Rayburn and I was simply retarded. Apparently I just make up random last names when I get excited about buying things. There's really no better way to express your gratitude to someone than by getting their name wrong. Sorry Kelly.


*Kelly* said...

hahaha! I love that you blogged about that! I'm glad that you got your glasses though, I was worried that the backorder was going to take forever! Don't worry about getting my name wrong, I can never remember my girlfriends new last names! So, sushi for dinner on Saturday night? Or do you want to go on a weekday instead? You let me know and Jared and I will be there! P.S. we can go to Yapoona and Dippidee some time as well! P.S. I really do want to hang out sometime so I hope your not just giving me a courtesy, "lets hang out!" ;)

somebody said...