17 July, 2008

Mr. Negtive

You'd think I was living in Northern Finland with the Laplanders (1 hr of sunlight) with the way I've been talking lately, but here is some more:

Minutes blur into hours
and hours blur into shifts.
Shifts blend in with evenings
I'm shocked at what I've missed.

Shifts translate to days
and days fade into weeks.
The weeks are moving fast now,
my time just seems so brief.

Weeks morph to months,
and months morph to seasons.
Season's I find depressing,
for far too many reasons.

That wasn't supposed to be a poem, but the way it was coming out it just kind of formatted itself.

Where is this all coming from? Oh, I know what it is...I held Nick and Jodi Stone's new baby girl yesterday, Grey Weather Stone...

...I think all the springs, jewels and gears in my biological clock just exploded.