23 July, 2008

Wow, that last post was kind of embarrassing now that I go back and read it. Maybe a little TMI if you ask me. I also spelled hear as here, which is only right in stupid-speak.
Well let's move on to something more civilized and a little less graphic. Travel.

So we are headed to Rockaway Beach, Oregon tonight. Me and the Missus, Jon Raymond and his wife and Nate Carlstrom and his wife will drive the 14 hours straight. We are picking up Kristen's sister's old car which we will drive for as long as possible as it is a free car. We had to get up there somehow to go pick it up, so we figured we'd make an event out of it and invite some friends. In reality though, we are just using them for their car since our 205k mile, 1986 Camry probably wouldn't make it.
So if you're in the northwest, somewhere near the Oregon coast, give us a call and we can have lunch at the Tillamook Cheese factory and then watch the sunset over Haystack Rock from Goonies.