22 May, 2008

A Shoulder to Cry On

How many of you have read Hatchet? You know, the book by Gary Paulsen about the boy who crashes in a bush plane out in the wilderness? Well, if you recall the tale, the pilot had some intense shoulder pains while flying the plane which was apparently a warning sign that he was having a heart attack. Also, if I remember correctly, he farted/fluffed/tooted/passed gas during these shoulder pains, which also pointed to his impending heart attack.
You might be asking yourselves, "But Logan, what does this have to do with us? Dear Logan, what does this have to do with you? Tell us! Tell us! Tell us, do!"
Well I had a shoulder pain today. Actually, I get shoulder pains a lot. It's kind of a common occurrence in fact. Ok, so that's not a huge deal but it could be bad right? Right!? I think the real threat is the should pain-fart combo. That double team attack of pain and poof could spell the end of Logan as we know him. Pray for me.

21 May, 2008

Why I'm a little gay.

I watch:
1. Janice Dickensen Modeling Agency
2. Split Ends
3. Clean House
4. E! News/The Daily 10
5. Bad Girls Club

I read:
1. OK!
2. US
3. Life & Style
4. People
5. Men's Health (someone told me that made me gay for sure)

And yes, I think Brad Pitt is the sexiest man alive. So sue me.

20 May, 2008

Chat with men...about football.

Do you think a simple, small-town guy like me could just throw together a blog like this without any previous knowledge? We'll friend, you'd be right on that. I didn't come into this world with my incredible knowledge of the internet, I had to learn it, just like all my other incredible skills. The good news is that now you can learn those skills too! I've arranged to have this commercial on my blog so that YOU, yes you, can get on the fast track to the world wide web! Lets get learning!

17 May, 2008


Every time I see this d*** Soyjoy commercial, I get SO miffed. What is wrong with this girls feet? Who was in charge of designing this character and creating this commercial? Did they start cutting classes at art school when they started teaching how to draw feet? I commit to never purchasing Soyjoy products simply because of how annoying this commercial is. All I can see and all I can focus on in this commercial is the in-turn of her feet. This commercial is just TMTH for me (too much to handle.)

16 May, 2008

I just stumbled upon something that forced a second post for the day. I was checking out youtube.com to see what the top rated videos of the day were, and noticed something about Jessica Alba and a staring contest. Upon clicking, I was put through one of the most interesting and uncomfortable segments of my life.
Now let's be honest, I won't beat around the bush, Jessica Alba is hot. Sure she can't act worth beans, but when it comes to hotness, she gets the Oscar. I bet even my wife would agree on that one (about the bad acting part too.)
Some of you might be thinking, especially you single guys, "Wow, Jessica Alba in a staring contest? Well if she's doing it on youtube, that would mean she is staring into her webcam. That might be hot. I've always wondered what it would feel like to have Jessica Alba stare longingly into my eyes via the internet and a computer screen."
Well if that's you, then you're pathetic. But your overall idea is understandable; Jessica Alba staring into your eyes could be pretty sexy right? Well I submit the answer is a resounding NO. It would be creep-tastic to the 40th power. Surprised? I was too. Check it out and prove me wrong. The sweetness ends when the staring begins. Enjoy.

I'm Just A Hack

So I re-stumbled upon a fun site called lifehacker.com. If you are insanely bored, and that boredom carries over into your personal life (meaning you don't have a life when you clock out) then this might just be the place for you.
Now upon initial inspection this appears to be a hardcore nerd-dom site with Linux booting USB drives, fun mobile phone programs and so on. If this is your thing, then by all means, stop reading here and get to it. But in my opinion, the real fun begins when you type in the search bar: DIY.
DIYstands for "Do It Yourself" and if you are competent enough to mow your lawn, then some of these projects would be easy enough and fun enough for you to do.
When you search DIY, you'll come to this page, and this is where your fun will begin.
I've already done this project and rather like it.

Anyway, check it out. I need to stop typing. I'm watching vintage Star Trek episodes on CBS.com as I write this and I feel like I'm talking like a starship commander. It's hard to split my focus, even on a wide screen Apple cinema display.

12 May, 2008

Delayed Response

Ok, ok, I know it's been a long while since I've written. I'm sincerely sorry. The worst part is, a lot of stuff has gone on since the last Bugatti posting. A lot. So much in fact, and so heavy, that if you don't already know what's going on, you're probably out of the loop and don't need to know.
Some crazy stuff. Big piles of it, flying around and hitting fans and all that jazz. So yeah, if you know, you know, if you don't, just trust me that it sucks and we are moving on.
No one died. We are all healthy and safe. No worries right?

As for the rest of the picture, it's ok. I'm working semi-full-time at BYU making ends meet and trying to forget that I have school again at the end of the semester. Other bad news of the not-so-heavy sort includes the re-death of my XBOX 360. Right in the middle of car-jacking a nice vehicle in Liberty City, my screen just up and froze. Not unheard of in this line of entertainment so I begrudgingly got out of my chair and manually restarted the system, assuming things would reboot and my murderous car-jacking rampage would continue. It wasn't to be though and within moments I saw the melancholy glow of 3 red lights on the front of the XBOX, known to users as "The Three Rings of Death." Corruption and demise was name of the game and I had lost. Dead 100%, I contacted Microsoft and they are sending me a box to ship it into them again. Downsides include cognitive dissonance, separation anxiety and full blown boredom. The upsides are few and far between but do include a free month of XBOX Live when my machine returns, fixed hardware that should run better than before, and better marital relations with the Mrs. for the time being.

Carpe Diem!