16 May, 2008

I'm Just A Hack

So I re-stumbled upon a fun site called lifehacker.com. If you are insanely bored, and that boredom carries over into your personal life (meaning you don't have a life when you clock out) then this might just be the place for you.
Now upon initial inspection this appears to be a hardcore nerd-dom site with Linux booting USB drives, fun mobile phone programs and so on. If this is your thing, then by all means, stop reading here and get to it. But in my opinion, the real fun begins when you type in the search bar: DIY.
DIYstands for "Do It Yourself" and if you are competent enough to mow your lawn, then some of these projects would be easy enough and fun enough for you to do.
When you search DIY, you'll come to this page, and this is where your fun will begin.
I've already done this project and rather like it.

Anyway, check it out. I need to stop typing. I'm watching vintage Star Trek episodes on CBS.com as I write this and I feel like I'm talking like a starship commander. It's hard to split my focus, even on a wide screen Apple cinema display.