22 May, 2008

A Shoulder to Cry On

How many of you have read Hatchet? You know, the book by Gary Paulsen about the boy who crashes in a bush plane out in the wilderness? Well, if you recall the tale, the pilot had some intense shoulder pains while flying the plane which was apparently a warning sign that he was having a heart attack. Also, if I remember correctly, he farted/fluffed/tooted/passed gas during these shoulder pains, which also pointed to his impending heart attack.
You might be asking yourselves, "But Logan, what does this have to do with us? Dear Logan, what does this have to do with you? Tell us! Tell us! Tell us, do!"
Well I had a shoulder pain today. Actually, I get shoulder pains a lot. It's kind of a common occurrence in fact. Ok, so that's not a huge deal but it could be bad right? Right!? I think the real threat is the should pain-fart combo. That double team attack of pain and poof could spell the end of Logan as we know him. Pray for me.


Dawn & Bryan said...

I'll pray for you. I also read the book Hatchet. It inspired a phobic level fear of Mooses/Moosen/Meese. I have yet to get over it.

Joseph said...

Well, since you already have the shoulder pain, maybe you should just be safe and avoid the Mexican food for the next little while.

And Dawn, are there any animal related things that wouldn't scare you?

somebody said...