16 May, 2008

I just stumbled upon something that forced a second post for the day. I was checking out youtube.com to see what the top rated videos of the day were, and noticed something about Jessica Alba and a staring contest. Upon clicking, I was put through one of the most interesting and uncomfortable segments of my life.
Now let's be honest, I won't beat around the bush, Jessica Alba is hot. Sure she can't act worth beans, but when it comes to hotness, she gets the Oscar. I bet even my wife would agree on that one (about the bad acting part too.)
Some of you might be thinking, especially you single guys, "Wow, Jessica Alba in a staring contest? Well if she's doing it on youtube, that would mean she is staring into her webcam. That might be hot. I've always wondered what it would feel like to have Jessica Alba stare longingly into my eyes via the internet and a computer screen."
Well if that's you, then you're pathetic. But your overall idea is understandable; Jessica Alba staring into your eyes could be pretty sexy right? Well I submit the answer is a resounding NO. It would be creep-tastic to the 40th power. Surprised? I was too. Check it out and prove me wrong. The sweetness ends when the staring begins. Enjoy.