03 July, 2008

Never Leave Home Without It

Fun thing to try.
Empty your pockets right now and put everything on a table or desk in front of you (that is assuming you have a boring job at a desk like me.)
Arrange in a visible fashion.
Snap a photo.

It's kinda interesting to think what goes in your pockets everyday. Even more interesting is seeing what other people put in their pockets everyday.
If you do this and put a pic up, shoot me the link, or send the photo to me and I'll post it up here.

Here the descripto of my pockets:
1-Wallet filled with two credit cards, one debit card, four photo booth pictures of my wife and I, temple recommend, library card, GameStop gift card, 12 in 1 multi-tool card, college ID, drivers license, Costco card, insurance card for both cars, health insurance card, dental card and Maverik Adventure Club card.
1-Medicated Chapstick. The brand, the type, everytime.
1-Palm Centro smart phone.
1-cheapo, locking blade knife.
4-keys to house, parents house 2x, and mailbox.
1-fingernail clippers which I don't carry usually, but today I look like a hooker.
1-Golds Gym pass
2-USB drives, 1GB and 2GB
1-Sony Errikson whistle that I'm training the dogs with.

That's it. Try it. Very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Dude... what's your huggin email address so that I can send you my pic?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OK, so I'm way to impatient. I've been waiting for, like, 3 minutes! Here's a link - http://thedreamextravaganza.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...