11 July, 2008

Athletic Shoes: Round 1

CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE. So here is how it will go, two pairs will face off every day for the next few days. The idea isn't that one stays and one goes. No, no; I love my shoes too much to give half away. The idea is that as the shoes go up, you all comment on what you like, what you don't like, and once all 25 pair are up, then we can get a pretty comprehensive idea of what sucks and what stays. If both pairs rock, great, we'll keep 'em both. Feel free to comment positively or negatively on any and all pairs. When all is said and done, hopefully a couple pairs will be off to the bin.

Round 1:
The yellow Nikes I picked up at a thrift store in Portland last summer. They were much cleaner and newer looking when I got them. Yellow isn't exactly the easier color to keep clean.

The blue New Balances I got forever ago as a shoe to do "athletic things" in. Bike, run, go to the gym...you know, all the things I SAY I'm going to do but don't. As you can see they look almost brand new.


jen said...

I am sorry but those yellow shoes are hideous and the fact that you would wear someone else's old shoes is slightly repulsing.

Leslierush said...

i dunno i kinda dig the yellow shoes...they've got personality

Becky said...

I like the New Balance

Michon said...

to be honest...i like them both...and i applaud anyone willing to buy yellow shoes...those are probably shoes that if you threw them away youd tell your kids one day "i had yellow shoes" because of course when you're saying this yellow shoes are "out" but coming back "in" and then youd be uncool. you dont want that happening. i cant tell you how bad my mom has burned me with her shoe tossage.

somebody said...