02 February, 2008


Finally, we are getting some snow in Utah. My winter memories of a kid were filled with snow castles and forts and snowball fights. But the last few years have just, well...sucked. But this year, we are back to normal. Tons of snow and often has been the weathers protocol so far. I'm loving it. This is a picture of the snow wiped off our new 1986 Toyota Camry that we bought to replace the Subaru SVX.

Speaking of the Subaru, here she is on her way to TX. One of the darker chapters of my life. One of the brightest for Kristen though ;) If you don't know what I'm talking about, long story short we had to sell the farm to make some repairs on this thing. Thats why we sold it, to buy the farm back. The End.


Melody said...

Sorry to hear about the car man. That sucks! But a Camry is a good, solid car. It got car of the year if I recall... I'm sure you know much more than me about that.. So congratulations on the car and the farm and the snow although you can keep the snow. I'll take Michigan weather this year. There's been very little snow believe it or not!
We're happy about that. There aren't any mountains here to snowboard on anyway.

Leslierush said...

wow i wish i could share in your enthusiasm for the snow, i just want spring now.

somebody said...