06 February, 2008

Ad Man

Well I am really enjoying the advertising program here at BYU. Just an FYI, I was officially accepted to the Advertising program last semester. Very exciting. I have 2 options now, the first being the business track which is the non-creative path, and the creative track which is, well, the creative path. I have to apply to the creative track which only accepts 12 people a year and requires that you do a 15 credit minor in Advertising Design along the way. I will be applying to the creative track in April. I really want to get in, but it sure would be nice to graduate 15 credits faster on the business track. I'll keep you posted. Here are some pix of my mock advertising campaign portfolio that I did for my 200 level advertising class last semester. This is a snippet of the Bed Head and Miller Motorsports Park ads I did. The little caption that I cut out and posted around the ads was very last minute which is why it looks crappy and too small.