02 February, 2008

I'm a weak, weak man.

Interesting. It's been a week since I decided to restart my blog and stay on top of it in order to keep it interesting, relative and informative. It's been a week and I haven't posted anything. Wow. I thought I knew what it felt like to suck. But this is just public self humiliation. I just set myself up to fail.
Let's see if I have any interesting photos to post from my phone (since I never remember to carry our camera)...
Woah, totally forgot about this. Here are a couple of photos of Kristen and me at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT. It just opened up a year or so ago and is the largest race circuit in the U.S. My friend hooked us up with the facilities and an actual Ford Mustang race car for a photo shoot. We were doing a mock advertising campaign for the track in class and thought photos of the actual track would do the job best. You can tell this picture was taken a few months ago because the background is snowless, and we have been getting copious amounts of snow over the last month. Its been crazy.