06 February, 2008

Git along lil' doggy.

Ok, I know you are all dying to see our dogs. Yes, you have heard correctly, the are indeed cuter than any animal or child you have ever seen. Adorable is an understatement. Oslo, our youngest, is about 5 months old. Chip, the older brother, is about 10 months old. Chip started off a little wary of Oslo, but Oslo is very sociable and dominate, so Chip was quickly forced to be friends and play nice with Oslo. Chip, in his older age, has mellowed out significantly. He doesn't bark hardly ever, is PRETTY good at doing his business outside or on the pee pad and is pretty obedient in general. Oslo on the other hand, is an absolute free radical. He is still young and energetic. He has a major barking problem and we had to buy a muzzle to stop it. Since buying the muzzle, he has been doing a lot better. He is a little better than Chip at hitting the pee pad and could swallow a T-Bone steak whole in less than 5 seconds. Needless to say, he is a major beggar. Here they are: