10 February, 2008

Apartment Fire!!!

At around 10pm this evening (Sunday the 10th) Kristen smelled smoke and heard a plethora of emergency sirens that just seemed a little too close to home. We live right on State St., so sirens are nothing new, but these were really close. So Kristen ran outside and sure enough, there was a huge fire wisping off the roof of a building just about 75 yards away from ours. We live in the north west corner of the complex and the building on fire was in the south east. It appears that the fire started in the kitchen area of the first floor and burned up through the other three. A lady we were standing by had had fireman training and said that most likely the entire building would need to be torn down. You can see in the pix and video that the entire corner of the building is burned out. You can actually see into the apartments. See photos and video below.