25 February, 2008

Captain's Log...

Nothing new to report. Just thought it was time to post a new blog. The last post about the car breaking down was kinda long and depressing and I figured it was time to move on. I haven't heard any word on the matter since last Thurs. when I was told the car might be done today. I need to call and see if it is and if it was covered under warranty.
Speaking of Captain's Logs, I have discovered a joyous new place on the internet where you can watch the old Star Trek TV series; every season, every episode. It's right on CBS.COM.
As if that wasn't good enough CBS has also put up the first season of the greatest TV series of all time: MacGyver. What a beautiful world we live in with this knowledge at our helm. Star Trek and McGyver together, helping us conquer the world!