07 October, 2008

Symphony of Shame

I have eaten 12 Symphony bars since I last posted on the topic. My max was three in one day. The irony is that I still have a slim fast shake for breakfast and a low calorie lunch during the day. I'm like a junky sneaking off for a secret snort during a long stint in rehab. It's really quite pathetic this show I put on. I just can't help it. I'm an emotional eater; and from the looks of things, I've been feeling rather moody!


jen said...

Are we talking regular size or the ones you get at Walmart? I hide the huge ones in my produce drawer so I don't have to share with Gary.

Leslierush said...

you should go read "skinny bitch". ya so it's for girls, who cares...didn't you say you were sorta gay once anyway? They are writing a "skinny bastard" but I don't believe it's out yet. Anyway read it and educate yourself on all the shit your putting in your body. (not you imparticularly just everyone in america.)

somebody said...