13 October, 2008

Use Baby Wipes

I highly recommend you use baby wipes as an adult. And don't make me explain my meaning for "use." You know exactly what I mean. Use them. Try it. You'll be shocked at how much better it is than just toilet paper. Now you might complain and rebut that you wouldn't like that damp feeling left over when you were done. Well of course you wouldn't and neither do I. That's why you do a follow up with regular dry paper.
I'm sorry to bring this up but it just has to be said. Public bathroom toilet paper is the basest of all when it comes to the hierarchy of toilet paper; and for someone who is used to a significantly higher level of satisfaction, it just won't do. So please, everyone, try what I am proposing here. Try it, be converted and eventually, maybe that cheap, see-through paper they put in public stalls will be done away with, relieving thousands in its wake.


Joey & Kim said...

I use baby wipes every day. The only difference is that I finish off with toilet paper to avoid a damp bum.

Tiffany Barker Hebb said...

I know exactly why you use baby wipes....the same reason my brothers do....they have hairy bums and the wipes leave a streak free, scented butt.ha I bet you do too.so sad oh and my mom reads your blog everyday and she thinks you are the funniest and she said you should be a writer.

Anonymous said...