23 October, 2008

Why I Love David

This is how David signed my book after Kristen and I waited for two hours to meet him. He guessed I was a Gemini and we became soul mates for life. Yes, that is a representation of me as a turtle.

I started to write this long story about how I went and saw David Sedaris at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City and how he told this humorously disturbing tale of a mother who falls down the stairs and breaks her neck, allowing her newborn child to slip under the water of the bathtub and drown, when I realized it was all wrong. The punch line didn't fit with the story and no matter how many times I tried to re-tell it, the story just didn't sound right.
David Sedaris doesn't let you take pictures of him. David Sedaris won't perform without the lights in the theatre being off. Both make him nervous and he doesn't like it. I believe, along with this quarky fear of light and photographic technology, David Sedaris has implemented some sort of device, system or spectre that rips the ability to re-tell your experiences after you've left the theatre. I'm serious. I can't for the life of me form one coherent sentance that has anything to do with the awesome stories he told. I can tell you he read stories, recited entries from his diary and made the stupid lady behind me laugh rediculously hard everytime he opened his mouth; buy beyond that, I can tell you nothing. It was fun. It was awesome, and David is just faaabulous.
If you're looking for a great homosexual author to fill a void in your life, look David up. He'll make you laugh and he'll make you feel uncomfortable. Isn't that really what life is all about?

p.s. He isn't really as cool as this picture makes him out to be.


Leslierush said...

Never heard of him but I trust your judgement. I looked up his books but what one do you recommend?

Jeff said...

I remember when you let me borrow one of his books... can't remember which one. Anyway, I got about halfway through the chapter where he's a kid at a slumber party, and he's trying to get all the other boys to play strip poker with him... "I realized that what I wanted more than anything else was a naked boy..." Yeah. I was done with him at that point.

Kaisha De La Mare said...

So wish I went. Totally forgot you were going to that!

Jeremy and Sara said...

"I realized that what I wanted more than anything else was a naked boy..."

Haha! That shouldn't be this funny to me.

somebody said...