14 October, 2008

Why Men Are Lucky

Men are luckier than women. I was thinking about it today and obviously there are pros and cons to being either sex, but I came across a pro that made me proud to be different; proud to be a man.
Now, without going in to too much detail, lets just consider for a moment how differently men and women use the bathroom. Did you think about it? Ok good. Now I'll explain where this is going...
If you asked 100 women what company made the flushing systems for toilets in public bathrooms, how many do you think would be able to even begin to guess at a company or brand? Would they be able to spit out even one?
Now men, are you with me here? Could you guess at least one company name? How many times have you stood at a urinal and found no non-awkward place to look but down at the urinal itself? The plated steel valve system and piping with a brand stamp engraved in it...what does it say? If you said Sloan, your probably a man, or a woman working in the urinal business. At least I hope you know because you work in the urinal business. I don't know why else you....doesn't matter. What matters is that this one thing separates us as men and woman. It's a small thing. It's not obvious, but it's interesting. The details are always interesting. It's not necessarily our sex that makes us different, it's the things we learn and don't learn because of our sex that make us who were are.
So in a round about way you might be wondering, "does this make men better than women?" Of course it does you sexist pig. But this knowledge is completely irrelevant and most likely means you drink too much or have a bladder infection. So, next time your find yourself in a moment of relief, look down (or behind you) and see what you might not have noticed before: the brand of the toilet you are using.