09 October, 2008

High Fashion Asian Girls

Why do I love high fashion Asian girls? Is it harajuku? Is it high fashion? Is it weird or is it hip? What ever it is, I love it. I love seeing them huddled around together in their awkwardly cool attire, jibbering and jabbering with imaginary kanji symbols spurting out of their excited little mouths, flashing brightly like Tokyo neon signs. I love how they congrigate. They huddle and hunch, smiling and gasping in their high fashion thrill. I love how they don't care that they don't fit in. I love their massive stillettos and soggy layering. I love the patterns mixed with solids and the earth tones mixed with pastel. A rain jacket on a sunny day? What the heck. These girls got it goin' on.
But there is one thing I love better than high fashion Asian girls: the not high fashion, not Asian girls who glare at them. Is it the language? Do they want to be included? Is this the same verbal jealousy that manifests itself when you have to interrupt a yammering group of Hispanics to get them to take your order? You don't know what they are talking about, you just want your food. Do these girls want their food too? Are these Asian fashionistas getting in the way of the light that they want to let so shine? More likely though, they are just ugly and the splendor and confidence radiated by these awkwardly awesome Asian ladies is cramping their style.
That single take where you see them start at one end and scan their way in the opposite direction. I've seen shoes up and I've seen hair down, but either way it sure looks dirty. Not dirty in the way a guy would look you up and down, but dirty in the fact that you're half expecting this white chick to gouge the other girls eyes out. It's awesome. I love being able to judge people for judging others right at the moment of initial judgment.
Asian high fashion girls bring my world full circle. We don't have many of them here on our campus, but that just makes them all the more rare; like a pink diamond or a piece of the moon. I love it and I love you high fashion Asian girls. Keep it up so I can watch the tawdry and bland stomachs of the boring white girls turn.