04 September, 2008

Negligence...it ain't so bad.

Yeah, I've only had 3 days of school and I'm already in a state of epileptic shock. I have gas and cramps all day and have no time to eat. Weird combo. I feel like I need Pamprin or something. Isn't that an anti-cramp, PMS thing? Whatever. Bottom line is, I'm not doing so well. I got really familiar with the idea of summer livin' and now I am facing the harsh realities of a school driven life requiring responsibility and attentiveness.
So, therein and thusly lies the problem; when do I have time to work on the blog? How could I neglect it, you and by association, my favorite creative outlet? This is my commitement to you: I will not let you down. I just won't. I might let my grades, my heath and my marriage suffer, but I want let you (the blog and its attendees) down.


Joseph said...

Thank heavens your priorities are in order. What's more important, your education, your marriage, or my momentary entertainment every few days? I'm glad you made the right decision.

Leslierush said...

ya i agree with joseph...some of your blogs have even become inside jokes between Lee and I. We now call bees baby dragons. I know you wont let me down.

Dawn and Bryan said...

Glad to hear it! ;)

Jake said...

I know how you feel. I have homework to do I just can't seem to get myself to do it.

somebody said...