08 September, 2008

What Does Sucksess Look Like?

It looks like this. This is what I looked like after approx. 10 hours of working on our 1986 Toyota Camry. You remember the one right? The one we paid $600 for that ran for 6 months straight without any major issue. Anyway, it konked out 100% about a month ago on campus and after having my dad tow me to the house and then waiting for my buddy to get home from Philly to help me out, it was time for open heart surgery.
We tore at it, thinking/knowing there was something wrong with the timing belt. After finally ripping her open, we discovered that the impeller blade on the water pump had seized and when it did, it ripped a bunch of teeth off the timing belt.
Long story short, we finished up around 2am and then grilled some burgers and had ice cream til 3am. It was fun.
So thanks to Adam Deibert for doing all the work while I pretty much looked busy. And thanks to Amber for helping Kristen paint the whole front room in one evening. We love you guys. (Cheesy but requisite.)