24 September, 2008

Below Hero

I have really enjoyed your compliments in conjunction with my White Trash Man post below. Thanks for reading my mini-novel there and actually having enough energy and patience to leave a comment when you were done.
I want you pause for a moment and notice the complete lack of profanity in that whole thing. Yes, stop what you are doing, big or small, and give it a re-read. Can you see how many times I struggled, having to substitute a Sunday school approved word or phrase over the easy out of foul language? It was rough. If this blog were a mind stream as opposed to a semi-premeditated flow from brain to finger, with my knuckles and eyes acting as mediating sensors, you might not have been able to read this. You may have had to go to confession or have a visit with your local ecclesiastical leader. You may have realized how many profane words there are in the English language that you had forgotten or simply did not know existed all together.
Well thank you knuckles and thank you eyes. Thank you for helping me retain my dignity. Although this story might have been successfully more humorous with less sugar and more spice, I think it turned out all right. Better still, my family is still speaking to me and I am still welcome at church.


Jeff said...

"Buick" is a swear word.

McKenna said...

in response to your comment on my blog.

I will add more pictures to my blog but it cannot be done at the moment. My Mac is broken and in the shop, and the snazzy ol' P(of)C I am usuing is full on memory. Therefore it is quite difficult for me to add pictures. But I will soon. Just for you. And all of them will be of Europe, alright.

Bockholt said...

yay for blogs (better than facebook)

Kevin Wunder said...

Yo Logan..I'm excited to follow your blog....thanks for sensoring and making it so that I can reference you in my lessons on sunday!

somebody said...