08 September, 2008

On The Threshhold of Death's Screen Door

You know how I am always "almost" dying? Well the trend continues. I nearly had my right foot lopped off a couple nights ago when our screen door careened out of control and sliced into my right ankle on the back of my foot.
I screamed. Holy lleh did I scream. It was one of those things that hurts REALLY, really bad at first and then you expect it to subside quickly (some choose to continue the drama for effect) and you calm down. Well I was expecting that...but it kept hurting and hurting and hurting and then stinging and stinging. Not stinging like the way a dragon bite feels but in a different way...kinda like, "hey, there is a chunk of skin hanging off my foot," kind of way.
Well, have a look for yourself and see what you would call it.