01 June, 2010

Step Off

So people keep gettin' up in my bi'ness about not posting today.
Well I realized a flaw in my daily blog serial plan: The topic of conversation requires that I blog the day after about the current day. So today is kind of a...dead day. There isn't anything to write about today because today is still today and still happening. So tomorrow, you'll hear all about today and that will be fantastic I 'spose.

But for today, just know that you will probably be immensely let down. Kinda like the finale of LOST as a certain someone reminded me in reference to my lack of blog post today. I'm not sure how to make this new blog series entertaining or witty anyway, so readership will probably drop drastically. Even the spammers and search bots will probably lose interest in combing my blog and posting comments that lead me to Canadian pharmacies and websites selling authentic Prada and Gucci bags at unheard of prices. I'll miss those comments the most.

But I gotta get my blog on. It's for my health and my well being. I really have to thank Scott at StruckAxiom in Salt Lake City, Utah for inadvertently giving me the idea for this disastrously boring idea. It's him you should blame if my blog falls out of favor with you and your RSS feed provider.

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