23 June, 2010

It's Not About Me Anymore (For Now)

I'm going to forgo the promotions to reroute you to my Tumblr blog for this blog post. And "reroute" is a bad word because I don't want all of you to go elsewhere. I actually really like this blog and am very proud of what we've created together here.

But this isn't about me. It's about a kid named Sean Tanner who happens to be my little brother. No, it's true, he really is my brother. Many of you assume that he is a bastard in the most literally sense of the word because of his olive dark skin, athletic build and foreigner good looks. But he is indeed my flesh and blood. I may be fat, balding, pale and handsome only to my wife and mother, but underneath, Sean and I are of the same blood.

Sean Tanner, that little brother of mine, enters the missionary training center (MTC) in Provo, UT today in preparation to serve a 2 year stint as a church missionary sharing the message of our church with the people of Germany. He'll be in the MTC for 2 months, maybe more, brushing up on the teachings of our church and to an even greater extent, learning as much German as a person can before being thrown into the work of teaching people in German full time.

So this is your official notice of a new Blogger blog detailing the life and times of Elder Sean Tanner the church missionary ("Elder" is a calling in the church giving to missionaries). Once it is up and running, I will post the URL and promote it heavily. I'll do my best to stay current on his goings-on and will regularly post photos of his experiences. 

If you are unfamiliar with our church or are simply wondering why someone would leave their family for two solid years to teach people about religion at the age of 19 in a foreign country, hit me up with a comment and we'll get in touch and I'll explain the whole crazy experience to you. 

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Leslierush said...

Dont you get tan when you try though?