31 May, 2010

Serial Blogging Begins

Random Picture:
Picture of Hillary Duff. Some people 
think your teeth look weird. 
They are wrong. 

Tomorrow I'm going to start a new serial blog run. Meaning I'm going to start a series that I update everyday. It probably wont be exciting, but it'll be honest and isn't transparency really what we're all looking for when it comes to entertainment anyway?


Jen said...

Wait, is this the kind of blog posts you'll be doing? I think it has to be longer than a tweet to count.

Klane said...

Still waiting in suspense for todays. Are these going to have themes across posts like LOST episodes? Or will they be totally random—more like LOST episodes?

So maybe they will probably start off seemingly unrelated, then slowly weave magnificent relationships and create some synergistic greater meaning like LOST episodes.