27 May, 2010


I've left you desperately hanging. Following my blog is about as big of a let down as investing 6 years into a television show that ends with a confusing and muddled realization that everyone was dead...or not.

Anyway, I just want to congratulate all the talented, creative and most importantly, hard working people in this world. I just got out of a quick and dirty company meeting where some of the newer folks and interns had to do an informal presentation about themselves and show some of the creative work they have done in the past.
The kid I had to follow, and awesome kid named Tim, was actually recruited to come work for us. He ran his own design company for a few years, doing design and interactive work for big record labels among many other things. He also dabbled in starting his own t-shirt company. As a skateboarder, he also designs his own skateboards. He was damn near the most amazing person I've ever met. My only question after his presentation was, "What haven't you done?"

And then there was me. How could I follow that? I haven't started a company or dabbled in much anything else other than playing XBOX and trying to remember to shower everyday every other day. I've dabbled in dieting, dabbled in graduating from college and dabbled in trying to go green. But I've got nothing on these guys. Standing up after Tim was like pulling up to gang of bullet bikers on a Vespa. Sure, we've both got two wheels and an engine between our legs, but someone in the picture is lacking.

But I sweat my way through it. Literally. I finished and embraced the respite of someone else getting up to present while I tried to cool down and dry off. But it just kept getting worse. I ended up getting sandwiched between Tim and another talented fellow named Mike. One of three Mikes in our office, Mike is a programmer and immediately jumped in to showing off some of his incredible website design work. He too ran his own operation, successful to the extent of being crushing. He also worked at an awesome company that was tapped to create an incredible website for a major US insurance company. Oh man, Tim and Mike are slaughtering me.

But even then, it wasn't over. After Tim was Mike and after Mike was Eric and after Eric was....you get it. I'm feeling a little useless right about now. Whatever talent or creativity I might possess is of zero value to me or any employer if I can't show it, prove it or manifest it tangibly to show them how friggin' great I am. My faith in myself is sufficiently deflated as well.

Bottom line is, I'm amazed at the talent drummed up here at this lil' ol' company that I'm working at in lil' ol' Salt Lake City, Utah of all places. They are just raking in the talent and building a brick house of creatives.
I was hoping to be another brick in the wall, but after what I've seen today, I really can't see myself as anything more than...well, my experience with masonry is too limited to think of some comparable element in a brick wall that could represent my sense of uselessness in the brick-wall building process.

I feel sucky.


Spockgirl said...

I resisted the urge to comment on your post with the picture of the discombobulated Spock, and to provide my rant on Logic, however, I could not pass today's without saying something, anything. Hmmm.... 1: yes they are all very talented, but can they speak Russian? 2. in the present economy, if no one is buying, then no one is selling. If no one is selling, then can there still be a budget for advertising? I intended to write something uplifting - I failed. I'll try again - It is not all about what you have done in the past, it is what you come up with next.

Leslierush said...

You are too talented!!!
thats all i've got.

DCjosh said...

2 women commented on your blog. This means that women read your blog.

Those other dudes, they have no females intersted in their writings. I submit that you are of more value to the human race because you have demonstrated that you can attract females.

Spockgirl said...

DCjosh - priceless comment. I'm still laughing. Perhaps we should find out if those other guys have blogs?

Jeff said...

...Thanks for the spoiler warning.