21 September, 2009

International Speak Like A Pirate Day

International Speak Like A Pirate Day was this weekend--another one of those awesome and entertaining holidays that passes me by with nothing more than a simple wink and a nod. As a non-consumer of alcohol and one not typically associated with the plundering and ravaging of easy, drunken women, I found myself at home watching a movie to celebrate this scallywag of a holiday.

From my crows-nest perch on the 4th floor, I had a stellar "land ahoy" view of the bar scene down below and the debauchery that goes with all things pirate. Drunkenness, vomiting, getting kicked out of bars, falling in the street, falling out of a cab into the street, hugging strangers, getting groped on the butt by the stranger you are hugging, flashing some serious leg to get a cab and then some more vomiting for good-pirate measure.

It was a celebration if I ever saw one. Strangely enough though, no one was dressed up as a pirate.


Steve said...

I went to the Saturday night session of Stake Conference (I don't like calling it the "Adult Session"), thus killing all likelihood of seeing anyone dress or hearing anyone speak like or as a pirate. The opening prayer did start with "Our Heavenly Father" and sounded kinda like "Aarrgh Heavenly Father," so that brought me some joy. Then I drew a picture of a pirate hook and a skull and crossbones flag in my notebook. No pillaging, plundering, or not giving a hoot...but it was an okay day anyway.

ambsace said...

well. in the defense of all the grog-fuelled denizens at the bar below you, it's called "international speak like a pirate day".

...maybe you can put the rest of this together.

somebody said...