08 April, 2009

That Damned Shower

The shower is more than just a place to pop in some ear plugs, shave your pits and scrub down your "hot zones." It's a zen like sanctuary where you can heal, learn, see and feel the realities of yourself and the life you lead.
You let the hot water pour over your naked body, and exposed, you've got nothing to hide and no one to hide it from. It's just you and a collision of subconscious fact with shrouded reality. Only in the shower do you have the time, freedom and clarity to see your real self, feel you real guilt and plan your real attack. Only in the shower do hopes and aspirations feel like reality and failures seem like clouds being carried out by a cleansing storm.
The shower rains down upon you and cleanses you skin and your soul. The heat bakes more than just the sweat off your skin and the soreness out of your muscles. You'll find yourself refreshed, your load lightened and you to-do list packed.
If only you had a pen, a marker, a crude scratching instrument.
Then gradually, the water begins to cool and your skin is noticeably wrinkly. Like a dying birthday balloon, the warm steam starts to leak out of the room. The mirrors regain clarity with the streams of running, condensed steam and you remember who you really are.
The reality sets in even deeper as you slowly turn the faucet knobs to off and watch the last bits of fresh water scurry helplessly down the rusty dark hole that is your drain. What secrets that drain could tell and what dreams it's surely captured; clogging up with the good intentions washed down after every long day.
It's your shower. But somehow you cant take it with you.


Kev said...

One of the only places you won't be judged for your voice...oh and by the way, you better edit before Chris give you crap for "you" mistakes....haha

Billy Reano said...

I always take a shower to unwind and think about things. I just let the water talk to me. Thanks for the post. I am with ya.

Kaisha De La Mare said...

...and for putting "maker" instead of marker. Showers are the best though. Can't hide anything that's for sure, which reminds me, I have a pic to show you regarding showers...hilarious.

Logan said...

Don't forget, I'm a married man Kaisha. Sheesh. But flattered nonetheless.

Kaisha De La Mare said...

K, I should NOT be allowed to comment on people's blogs, facebooks, etc. when I'm exhausted.

The Barker's said...

Logan~You're too stinkin' funny! I usually just chortle to myself in movies, but you make me laugh out loud! thanks! will you write me a blog one day so i can post it & my 2 readers will think i'm funny?

somebody said...