30 January, 2009


I just wrote a whole blog post about the nose hairs that I expose every time I pick my nose. It was so stupid I deleted it. I've got nothing. I think I'm a little preoccupied with all the baby talk pouring out of my wife's mouth lately and the information packet from a possible grad school staring back at me. Choices.
The things that seem important like selling my crap on craigslist and installing social networking applications on my cellphone can't be forced to the background. They are ever present and daunting as I confront the reality of baby making, portfolio preparation and the expensive institution of achievement we call grad school. What to do? Where to go? Pass, fail or run and hide from everything? I gotta stay on track and keep the important things at the top of my cell phone task list, writing in Sharpie on my hand all the things that will burn me if I let them float past.