05 December, 2008

Better Than Socks

My mom makes these two incredibly delicious cakes that I absolutely love and demand for every birthday (even for other peoples birthdays). I call the first one, Skor Cake as it is made with Skor bars. The second--and I am sure of this--is called Better Than Sex Cake. My sister and I have an on going, heated dispute over this naming thing. She is sure that Better Than Sex Cake is actually the name for what I call the Skor Cake. She asserts that what I refer to as Better Than Sex cake is in fact called Barber Shop. I assure her that I understand Barber Shop to be one of the many names given to Better Than Sex Cake. I remind her that it is often called Better Than Robert Redford cake or Sex In A Pan as well, but that doesn't stop the name Better Than Sex Cake from being good and accurate at least in our family.
Well, all things considered, both cakes are delicious and very nearly better than sex. So I'd say we were both right. And since we are on the topic, I'd just like to state that I bought 16 new pairs of socks yesterday. My bar for "Better Than..." is now raised. I had forgotten how good your feet could feel and how odorless they can become by wearing new, clean socks. I have reluctantly been holding on, hoarding even, my old socks for fear that the economy would tank (even worse) and the purchase of new socks would put us in line behind the Detroit Big 3 automakers for a possible bailout. I didn't want this. But I put my worries aside, reminding myself that I'm only paying 50 cents more a gallon for gas now than I was when I turned sixteen. The savings more than out weigh the $12 I spent.
My feet are thanking me, and now I'll be asking for Better Than Socks Cake come my birthday.

My Sister's Opinion of Better Than Sex Cake

My (Correct) Opinion of Better Than Sex Cake


Sara said...

The better than sex cake that I've always had has pineapple in it. I'm thinking there are about 500,000 versions of the better than sex cake and that it's really just an opinion rather than an actual cake.

agirlwho said...

Okay, they actually had a kind of lame version of this cake at the MTC. It was a sheet pan of german chocolate cake drenched in caramel topping with whipped cream on top and bits of toffee. It was good for what it was and I'm sure they didn't call it "Better than sex cake" hahaha... anyhow, I kind of agree with your sister, but instead of snickers on top it is Skor bars or just toffee crumbles. And I wouldn't know if it really is better than... well, you know. Maybe someday I'll be able to make an informed decision.

Leslierush said...

you could call it "better then SKORing cake"...which is still refering to the cake being better then sex.

Robert and Lisa said...

My brother always likes to say that whoever named it "better than sex cake" must have been a virgin.

Celia Pleete said...

I love the soldiers, defending the mountain of chocolate cake.

somebody said...