22 August, 2008

The World After Blogging

In a world where people can hide their insecurities behind the polished sheen and splendor of their online facade, what will society be like when the blog bubble bursts? If everything is a fad, everything is a trend, then what will happen when the trend ends? An even more insecure society struggling with intimate social interactions and relationship development? A society fearful to come out from behind their virtual world and show their real selves? Seems dangerous to cultivate a lifestyle that thrives thanks only to a keyboard and mouse.
But let's be honest, that day is long off. I can hide my fat, sweaty, balding carcass behind this clever blog for a long time to come. Now if only I could go to my 5 year high school reunion as my charming little blog, then I wouldn't have to worry about saying hi to everyone I used to know.

Thanks to an an anonymous commenter, I was informed that I have already missed my 5 year reunion...2 years ago. Thanks for catching that. I'll bust out the ol' TI-83 next time I try put numbers in my blog.