11 August, 2008

Sorry team, there really isn't much going on in my/our world these days. Sure Russia is invading Georgia and Darfur is still a mess; but my life is pretty much going the same. I really need to get some pics and/or video up of our new place in Springville, but we can't ever seem to finish getting it cleaned up. We unpacked and got almost everything put away and looking clean, then we just collapsed from all the effort we put in to the ordeal and just let it dip to shambles. So when I can get Kristen to clean up after me, or I do it myself, I'll show you how life is in down here in So. Utah County. We actually like Springville a lot more than we expected so the pictures should be rather cheery. Also, need to post some pictures up of the Oregon trip, which could prove rather difficult seeing as I really don't remember taking many any.

Note: I was going to post a picture of the Georgian-Russian war or Darfur related, but they were all just too disturbing. Let's all do something about this crazy world we live in. Do good, then pay it forward.