31 August, 2008

Remember that time I almost died?

Yeah, it was just last week and here are the dragon bite/bee sting photos I should have given you when it happened. It's proof. Now don't "bee" thrown off by the general chunkiness of my other, un-stung fingers. I know they look like they've all been party to a massive swelling as well, but that's just how they look. Don't think that means my pinky is any less swollen. Actually, after subsiding on the day of the attack, it actually swelled back up (about as bad or slightly worse than pictured here) and has only started to loosen up and become flexible today (Sunday.) Cheers to that because it was really starting to become a nusence.

This photo was taken just moments after the attack.

These were taken throughout the day as it got bigger, redder and more annoying.
You can see it getting progressively redder and fatter.