11 August, 2008

The Many Periods of Logan


I've been watching many hours of Travels in Europe with Rick Steves and Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa these days. I have many, many hours of said PBS shows recorded on my DVR and I am working diligently to watch them into oblivion. I think this might be related in some way to my problem of listening to NPR on my morning drive (see two posts below.)
Regardless of my pathetic entertainment sources, I have learned a lot about the art and periods of art displayed around the world. Mr. Steves loves to visit the major museums in the cities he visits and Rudy likes to expand his visitations to museums of both major and minor esteem, featuring both classical and modern art.
I slept through an entire semester of History of Creativity, riding the genius of my little sister and younger cousin to get by. But if there is one thing I snatched in the dream catcher of my brain, it is that the world has gone through many periods in art history. Rennaisance, Neoclassical, Impressionistic and Modern to name just a few, artists have never been able to maintain an aimiable relationship with their predicessors artistic style. They always have to go changing things, pretending like their way is better.
Enough of the obnoxiously long art lesson build up. I have discovered many a period in my life as well, and as you all surely care, I thought I would share them all with you; at least the ones I have been able recognize. So, if you can think of some others you have seen in my ever changing life, let me know. And no, homosexual cannot be one of them.

1. Scientist: As a kid I had an isatiable desire for science, learning and discovery. I wanted to be an astronaut, paleantologist, archeologist and invertor. I excelled in school in science and arts and didn't see this as being too far fetched of a dream.

2. Artsy: Jr. High and High School brought my artistic period. Art of every medium needed to be consumed and cataloged. Tratitional canvas and sculpted art in the museum was ravenously consumed and mentally digested. Theatre and film though were my real passions and eventually became the direction of focus in my life. I was in drama/theatre for 4 years and film all through the rest of high school and the first year of college. I had to watch every artsy or award winning film and dissect it. I was awesomely passe in my un-originality.

3. Granola/Green: I hit this crazy phase in high school where I was obsessed with the outdoors and its majesty. I still am, but this period was all consuming. I hiked, biked, camped, climbed, snowboarded and explored every chance I got. I loved it and I loved the peace that it brought. In parallel with this movement was my fight to save nature. I use to collect garbage I found in the great out doors, compiling it and trashing it appropriately (as Utah was/is not very accommodating to the recycler.) I never littered. I never off-roaded on unmarked trails. I never left hiking trails and I practiced no trace camping. All of this at the expense of comfort and convenience. I loved it.

4. Hippy/Eastern: I had this weird hippy/Eastern thought phase right up until my mission (and a bit on my mission) where I was obsessed with eastern thought and meditation. I used to read books on and practice different forms of meditation, trying them out on an almost daily basis. I finally settled on a mix of transcendental and zen meditation. Those were good times and kind of coincided with my Granola phase. I remember I actually taught some of the missionaries in the MTC how to meditate. They thought it was strange and silly til they tried it, then they loved it. I guided a whole district through meditation in the dark. Funny business in the MTC.

Well this is getting long and I would say those are the main periods of me. Kind of a strange one I was. This probably isn't even remotely interesting to any of you and if you are still reading this, then stop. Please stop. Why are you still reading? I told you to stop.