04 August, 2008

It's Not An Excuse, It's A Reason...Gosh

I used to say that to my mum back in Oxfordshore Shireton-Upon Avon when I was late for tea. That twas the tiny village I grew up in as a lad.
Sorry, don't know where that came from. I've been watching lots of British programming lately. I actually have a framed photo of BBC's Jeremy Clarkson on my desk at work. A right proper chap.
Nevermind that, back to my reason for not posting as of late: Other than returning from a 5 day trip to Oregon and beginning a massive move from Orem to Springville immediately upon return, I've actually gone and cut my thumb nails too short. Bollocks. You know, when you over clip and then they hurt when you do stuff with them, like tap out blog posts on your tiny smartphone (as I am doing now, ouch, ouch, ouch.)
It bloody kills mate and I'd rather not do it. So until work tomorrow, or until Comcast comes and pulls me away from work to hook up my interweb ("sometime between 8-noon"), let's keep the Twitter-tweeting, Facebook-phrasing and Blog...b..writing to a minimum, no? Now bugger off.