09 June, 2008

Selective Hating Process

I'm a hater. Player hater, alligator, whatever you want to call it, I hate the player, not the game. I just realized it today; I need someone to hate at least once everyday.
I was driving to work today and I noticed this girl in a gold Nissan Sentra GXE with a baby seat in the back swing up next to me at the light, obviously jockeying for position before the light turned green. If Id been in my old Subaru SVX, I would have launched at green and smoked her, because it was clear she was trying to get in front of me, and indeed, that is exactly what she did. Unfortunately I was in my 204,000+ mile, 1986 Toyota Camry Deluxe four door with a power steering leak and a bad transmission. Needless to say, I eased off the line. Embarrassingly enough, we ended up pulling into the BYU parking lot, going down the rows, and parking right by each other. It was at that moment I realized, "I hate this person."
Woah, what? How could I hate this person in her shiny gold Sentra, and white collared, female rugby shirt? What did she do to me?
I'll tell you: She beat me.
That's it. That's all she had to do to be blacklisted like a comedian telling Communist jokes in in early 1950's America. I hated her.
So I guess this is "my thing." I find someone to hate, for some reason, every day of the week. Freaky right? Imagine how my wife feels. It's a good thing I'm not a recluse, because she'd be the only person I would be able to hate.
But its not racism or any other kind of -ism (yes, click on "-ism".) It's simply a desire to take my aggressions out on someone else during the day. Why should I be responsible for my feelings and emotions, seeking the root of my troubles, when I can simply blame them on someone else? It's much easier to displace my feelings onto a random stranger and hate them, then look introspectively at myself and solve the deeper issue.
So, until the court forces me to choose between jail time and therapy, here's to a good day of hating!