14 June, 2008

Screwed the Pooch: Take 2

The radiator on the Honda blew today. We stopped at South Town Mall to visit Kelly (Rayburn) Dearth and buy me some sunglasses when I noticed steam blowing out from under the hood. I popped it an saw a crack in the plastic, top portion of the radiator. Oh well, it didn't seem to be anything requiring more than just my attention while I waited to get it taken care of later next week. But, as we arrived at Asuka for our sushi dinner, it was obvious it was getting worse and on the way to Orem Summer Fest, it overheated. We had to let it cool down and then dump a half gallon of lost water back into it. Long story short, we didn't make it all the way home. It started spraying fluid on the windshield on State St. in Orem and we had to abandon it and walk 3 blocks home.
Fun times.


*Kelly* said...

Oh no!!! I am so sorry that happened to you, I HaTe car trouble, it's so annoying! It was SO good to see you and to meet your beautiful and amazingly fun wife kristin. I really do want to go out with you guys sometime soon. I don't want to be one of thoe people who say that to everyone random person they meet and never actually do it! When I say it I do it! I'll call you soon about your glasses!

Anonymous said...