04 June, 2008

My Dog, My Child

I've found a new love, Victoria Stilwell. It's ok, my wife is fine with it; in fact, she is in love we her too. Victoria is the British beauty training dogs across the pond and I've recently fallen in love with her show, It's Me Or The Dog, on Animal Planet HD. If you're not aware, we have two dogs, Chip the incontinant older brother, and Oslo the exceedingly more headstrong younger brother. It's good times, and Victoria is teaching us rather successfully how to better train or little boys.
But the real lesson here isn't that dogs can be trained, but that children are, in fact, just like dogs. Yes, it's true. Children and dogs are one in the same. It's not socially acceptable but I can definately see my kids on leashes one day. Sure, on walks, the mall, even around the yard; a child on a leash could really be a great thing. Weeing and pooing can be controlled with proper excercise and behavior training. If all else fails, we can just use pee pads in the corner of the kitchen like we do with the pups. Take heed and keep an ear to wind, because my child training techniques will either put me in jail or get me my own tv show one day. Cheers.


*Kelly* said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only CrAzY one who thinks dogs are in fact, children with tails! I totally agree with you that dogs are the best way to prep for kids and to foget diapers, lets just stock up on pee pads, there cheaper right? P.S. I got back on facebook, just for YOU!

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