19 June, 2008

Moses Saves

Moses saved me yesterday. Actually, as I meandered around his cluttered front office, I realized its actually spelled "Moises" and Moises isn't a Jew; he's a Mexican.
Yeah, after hundred of dollars, infected scratch wounds and anti-freeze in my eyes, my AC was acting up and I wasn't gonna have it. I was referred to Moises by a gentle soul named Joe at my local Checker Auto Parts. By local, I mean the Checker Auto in my front yard, the one sitting in front of my apartment complex (which should be a great indicator of the type of neighborhood I live in.) Joe poked around the engine a bit and then said I should see Moises. So I did and after, maybe, 10 minutes and a total of 4 words, he had my AC fixed and I was on the road.
I said, "Moses, thanks man. Can I get you something? Like a drink or something?"
His reply, "Coke."
"Just a Coke?" I said.
Moises nods. I'm off for a 12 pack.

What's that you ask? What was wrong that he was able to fix? Well, in a fit of heat-stroked rage, I kinda tugged (see: tore angrily) the fan shroud off the radiator when I was fixing the radiator. Well it yanked out 2 wires from a grey wire-harness clip. I stuck them back in gingerly when I was reassembling, but apparently I don't know my own strength and I really tore 'em out to the point they wouldn't stay in.

I need anger management.