20 June, 2008


I wanted to use the word "defenestration" in my blog so badly, that I just decided to make a post all about it.
I received my "Word of the Day" email a couple days back and the word was defenestration. Normally I would have looked at it, guessed how to say it, checked how to properly say it, and then I would have read the definition after trying to guess that too. But today, I knew what defenestration meant. I knew what defenestration meant because I remember the Defenestration of Prague. Despite what my cousin and little sister think, (classmates in History of Creativity at BYU) I actually did listen to the lessons. Sure I was surfing the internet, texting and generally dozing in my third-row-left-isle seat, but I was aloof to what was being said. Now I'd be the queen of all jerk-bees if I didn't thank my sis and cuz for basically tutoring me like a special needs student before each test, but you gotta give some cred to the brains in this head! I can do it! And gosh darn it...I like me.

By the way, defenestration means to throw out the window. Seriously, look it up.