18 April, 2008

Rules of Life

Rule #1:
Don't sit down in the stall next to me if there are other stalls available. SERIOUSLY, do not do this.

Rule #2
Don't wander around in front of my stall like you dropped a contact or are trying to find a compass bearing. SERIOUSLY, do not do this.

Rule #3
Don't come out of your stall at the exact same time I do if we have been doing business near each other. The most I want to know about you is what kind of shoes you're wearing, and even then, I didn't even want to know that much about you. I don't need to see the conductor of the musical orchestra I was just forced to sit through. SERIOUSLY, DO NO DO THIS!

Live, love, learn. There are rules people.


jen said...

My dad says you spend too much time in public bathrooms. LOL.

Anonymous said...

You're a total dumbass from dumbass
land. Get a clue.

Logan said...

Who says get a clue? I guess the first part of that Anonymous comment could be funny, but seriously, who says, "get a clue" these days?

somebody said...