17 April, 2008

Abulia Oblongata

abulia \uh-BOO-lee-uh; uh-BYOO-\, noun:

Loss or impairment of the ability to act or to make decisions.

I'm done folks. I am burned out. I am so good at wasting time and putting off the important things. I can't wait for the scrub of sand between my toes, the piercing burn of sun on my neck, and the scented itch of sunscreen in my eyes. Indeed summer looms ever so near. But despite the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm frowning at my feet and sitting down on the tunnel floor for a rest. I don't want to continue. I don't want to press on. Angels are waiting to help push me along you say? Well I say let 'em wait, cause I'm not ready to move.

I may be motivated by sadness today because I half found out, half heard what I already knew about my future education; It's not over. No, not by a long shot. I thought I had a year left and then I'd be on my jolly way, making millions and slowly collecting rare and exciting automobiles. But my dream of becoming awesome will have to wait. I will be in school for 2 more years. I thought it would be one. I had planned that it would be one. I had dreamed that it would be one. The continued love of my wife hinged on it being one. But it just wasn't meant to be. If you follow my life like most of the world enjoys doing, you'll know I was recently accepted into the Creative Track of BYU's Advertising program. Its a bit like the 12 apostles, but we have 16 this year. We are kinda the top dogs. Lucky right? Well yes except we have to tack on an extra year of school because of it! I opted for the Copywriting group within the Creative Track, thinking that it would afford me early release since I knew for a fact that the Art Direction group had to do a 15 credit minor. But today the dream was dashed like a spilled bottle of Mrs. Dash seasoning. I winced, knowing Kristen was going to crap a brick; and she did. It's tough. Life sucks, then you die. At least I'm not in medical school! *caugh, caugh-Paul-caugh*


Lauren said...

Crap a brick? I hope that's figuratively and not literally...

Melody said...

LOL!! Well count your blessings friend. At least you're in Utah and not Detroit for 5 more years!!!
On a bright note, we know you can do it. And we will look forward to riding in your fancy cars. I hope you are including a Bugati. :)

somebody said...