31 March, 2008

Preemptive Strike Against the Crappy Day/Week/Month

Ok, so I have been traveling with a proverbial thorn in my paw for the last week or so. I have been wearing my pair of jeans with the button up fly and I was shocked when I had a zen moment at the urinal yesterday.
Let me begin by relating a story I heard from an older, more mature friend I met in the missionary training center before I left on my mission. This friend had decided to work the summer selling pesticides one year but as the summer wore on, he grew more and more tired of the daily pavement pounding required to go door to door. So, to remedy his decreasing enthusiasm and desires to quit, he stuck a small stone in his shoe so that when he walked all day, he would notice the annoying pain it caused on the bottom of his foot. Well as the day drew on and he was tired of the heat, the rejection and the work altogether, he would pull the small stone out of his shoe and instantly everything felt better. He walked without pain an the relief was enough to give him the boost he needed to finish each day.
I recalled this story as I was struggling to get my fly open and then buttoned up again in the public bathroom here on campus. I wore the same pants everyday for at least a week and every day when I needed to pee, I would think, "ugh, who designed the button fly? What trouble, what annoyance." And seeing as I already hold my pee to the last moment (see previous post below) I really didnt have a lot of options. Go pee pee, or pee pee on yourself. As I stood there peeing, I thought, "it's about time to rotate pants and since this is my only button fly pair, this upcoming week should be most excellent." That is when I realized I had stumbled upon something great. I had inadvertently been placing a stone in my pants...er, shoe that was causing major discomfort and annoyance. At the simple realization that I wouldnt need to deal with a button fly the next week, my spirits were instantly lifted. So, I propose this tactic as a preemptive strike against a crappy day, week or month that you know is approaching. I have a large application portfolio due on Friday, so my unintended switch from button to zipper has actually made this week much cheerier. My discovery has placed another tool in my arsenal to combat the stresses of life. The arsenal is small, but its growing, and someday, I might have a strong enough army to overcome my own demons. But until then, Ill just stick with the button to zipper fly switch to get me through the day.