06 March, 2008

Multi-Topic Catch-Up Blog Post

Man, the only thing that keeps people coming back for more on your blog is continuously new and clever content. So no wonder no one is flocking to my page. It's like one of those web pages you find that has really exciting news on it you haven't heard before and then you see the date of the last post/update and its like 1998. No wonder you hadn't heard about it, you were busy breaking into the vending machines in high school when it was going on.
Anyway, I had a solid response to my "Tree Falls..." post. Literally tens of you (give or take 9) commented that you were indeed reading my blog and you were indeed interested in what I had to say. You were standing in the proverbial forest as I felled proverbial trees. Thank you. I feel like a proud Ron Paul; everyone pretends to care and be excited, but in the end, I still suck and lose the presidency by trillions of votes.
Well, the Activa Challenge I discussed in a previous post is still on hold. That's right, my gastrointestinal system is still running like bombed out, Soviet nuclear reactor...that is to say, not well. It doesn't help that I'm eating away the stress of shopping for a new car with burgers and tacos. You could probably smell me coming. Now this sucks for me, not so much because of the stomach issues, but because I bought two VERY cool shirts from Super Target (said Tarzhey) a couple months back that don't fit super well right now. Now if I can dodge heart disease, stroke and diabetes, great; but my real concern is fitting into those two, sweeter than sweet shirts.


Leslierush said...

I've got about 20 shirts that i'm gonna have to lose 30 pounds or so to fit back into...too bad i don't live in utah then we could be gym buddies. i can't work out with lee...he's too in shape. anyway enough about my woes, i like your blog and it entertains me so keep writing.

Lauren said...

i have the recipe to solve your problem. check my latest post!

Melody said...

You're killing me Logan. I didn't know you were so funny. It's 2 AM. someone tell me to go to bed!

somebody said...