07 March, 2008

$8,000 of Extorsion and 2 Plane Tickets

Destiny is extorting me and the Mrs. to purchase a new vehicle. The glory and splendor of my Subaru SVX was smeared by $5,000 in auto repairs before we finally sold it. If that weren't enough, Kristen's trusty and lusty Honda CRV broke down the week after we sold the Subaru. After $3,000 in transmission repair (the majority of the SVX repair was transmission as well) we were back on the road in our trusty, lusty 150,000 mile CRV. Well if you've been following the blog or are in any way affiliated with my circle of family, friends, acquaintances or enemies, you'll remember the CRV transmission went out again while Kristen and her sister were down in Vegas exactly 4 weeks ago today. Well thankfully all the work and trouble was covered by our shop that did the original job. If you get a transmission done, make sure its an ATRA shop that can give you an ATRA warranty! God bless, seriously. Thanks to that warranty, we are both flying down to Vegas tonight to pick the car up tomorrow morning and drive it back this weekend. So tack on a good $300 to the "Hell" grand total. Hopefully fate doesn't drug us and beat us with a sack of bricks on the side of the road on the way home. Figuratively of coarse.
So, at this glorious high point in our lives we decide its time to purchase a new form of transport with less miles than the national debt and the amenities that a college grad (wife) and a cool hunk (me) deserve to be seen with.

LOGAN- [on knees, begging humbly toward the heavens.] "Dear big guy, a sunroof and heated seats would be nice. Leather would be a plus too. Maybe third row seating to appease the wife? You think you could bless it with an iPod jack in the stereo too? Now that I think about it, a V6 with 200hp would really be a must..."